Build your legacy, capture and preserve your memoirs
Legacy is a Web 3 community and platform for capturing and preserving personal and institutional memoirs
What is a legacy?
Your legacy is the collection of memoirs by which you wish to be remembered
preserve and curate your stories
What is a memoir?
A memoir is a story which is important to you. The story can be written and illustrated with pictures and videos, or the story can be told in an audio or video recording.
decentralized ownership
Own your legacy
All your memoirs and the supporting documents are yours and stay yours. We create digital ownership certificates in form of NFTs
permaweb storage
Legacies are preserved forever
LEGACY creates a governance structure with selected next-generation technology to ensure the longevity of your memoirs
semantic linked data
Making history
All individual memoirs are woven into the people’s history by being automatically linked through events, people, dates, location
Getting started
LEGACY is fast and easy to get started